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Kitchen & Bathroom Design, Installation & Remodeling Services in Boxford, MA

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s appearance, performance, and aesthetics, you should start by remodeling the areas that you spend the most time in. You might believe that we’re implying that you remodel your bedroom, but that’s not the case! Your kitchen and bathroom are two areas of your home where most of your time is spent. If you’re looking to get more enjoyment and mileage out of your kitchen or bathroom, Tri State Kitchens can give them an unbelievable facelift!

Bathroom Design, Remodeling, & Installation in Boxford, MA

Over the years, you may have neglected your bathroom’s design thanks to not realizing how much time you spend in it. When you work with Tri State Kitchens, we can transform your Boxford bathroom from a dull space into a relaxing one that elicits the feeling of being at a luxury spa. We can even improve your bathroom’s accessibility to make it a more comfortable space for any guests! Check out some of the design features we can install for your bathroom in Boxford:

  • Jetted Tubs: Have you ever wanted the feeling of a hot tub or jacuzzi pool without the griminess of public water or the need for travel? We can install jetted tubs to give you relaxation without the hassle!
  • Shower Installation & Redesign: Do you feel like your shower’s water pressure isn’t good enough? It’s time to give it an upgrade! We can install the latest in shower technology to ensure that you’ll always have a soothing experience!

If you’re curious to learn about the other ways we can redesign your Boxford bathroom, click here!

Kitchen Design, Installation, & Remodeling in Boxford, MA

The place where you cook all of your daily meals should be one that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Accomplishing this is easier said than done – unless you work with Tri State Kitchens! We’re the experts in redesigning kitchens for Boxford homeowners to maximize their appearance, aesthetics, and storage space. By the time we finish, you’ll look forward to being in your kitchen each day! Meal preparation will be easier and more fun than ever with the help of our kitchen remodeling experts. Check out some of the ways that we can improve your kitchen!

  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation & Repair: Do you have enough storage space for your utensils and other cooking items? If not, we can help your kitchen fully take advantage of the space! We can even improve existing cabinets with new hardware and features.
  • Kitchen Island Installation & Repair: As the focal point of your kitchen and the main area where you assemble your meals, a kitchen island is of utmost importance. We have both the materials and installation work you need to make the most of this!
  • Kitchen Countertop Installation & Replacement: We can even ensure that your countertops match your kitchen island with sturdy, strong, and low-maintenance materials that shine.

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Design Your Boxford, MA Kitchen Or Bathroom Today

Are you looking to improve your home’s quality of life, property value, and functionality? The remodeling team at Tri State Kitchens can transform your kitchen or bathroom to achieve these goals! If you feel like your space is worse for wear, don’t delay; contact us today to give your home’s interior a makeover!