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Kitchen Countertop Guide

Choosing a countertop for your kitchen can be a stressful task at hand, especially without proper knowledge. There are so many things to consider, like durability, cost, and aesthetics. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and that is the truth! When family and guests are over, they always tend to gravitate towards the kitchen. With so many memories to be made in that one space of your home, it must be precisely what you want. 

There are more countertop options available than ever before, making it difficult to make a decision. Follow along for our guide to find the kitchen countertop that will help determine the countertop type that will work perfectly for you in your home. 


It is essential to think about what kind of wear and tear you currently conduct on your countertops. If you are seriously into cooking and use your countertops as cutting boards, you will have different needs than those who do not do much cooking. Are you a family with children? If yes, you must consider the countertop spills that are bound to happen. 


This tip may seem obvious, but it is easy to forget about the style you are going for when solely focusing on countertops. You could find a countertop you love but does not go with the rest of your remodel. Try to keep paint samples and photos of your kitchen with you while looking at countertop options. 

Style not only has to do with the look but texture, feel, and color. Consider thickness, overhang, and texture of the material. 

Consider Other Elements 

It is vital to keep the rest of your kitchen in mind when shopping for a new countertop. Does your kitchen incorporate warm or cool tones? Are your cabinets wood or painted? What kind of floors are in your kitchen? You must think of your countertops in the context of your kitchen, not just the countertop itself. 

Contact Tri-State Kitchens 

The best preparation tip we can give you when beginning your countertop shopping is to come to Tri-State Kitchens! We have an expert design and installation team eager to help with your countertop renovation from start to finish. We have over 30 years of kitchen design and remodeling experience, making us well versed in countertop style, material, and aesthetics. For any remaining questions regarding replacing your kitchen countertops, make sure to give us a call today at 603.595.4339 or fill out our online contact form.