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Kitchen & Bathroom Installation & Remodeling Services in Portsmouth, NH

Your kitchen and bathroom are arguably the two most important areas of your home! Not only are there plenty of items that you need to store in both locations, but they’ll also be the two areas in which you’ll spend the most time. With those considerations in mind, does your kitchen or bathroom look the best that it can be? If you’ve found that the answer to that question is no, Tri State Kitchens can help reverse that thinking! We can completely transform your kitchen or bathroom’s design in Portsmouth, NH, to increase your property value, enjoyment of your space, and your storage. Read on to see why remodeling these areas can bring you great benefits in both the short and long term!

Kitchen Design, Installation, & Remodeling Services in Portsmouth, NH

Preparing and serving your meals appropriately requires a good deal of practice, but it also requires the right environment! If you feel that your kitchen is inadequate for either purpose, the kitchen remodeling professionals at Tri State Kitchens can help reverse that thinking. No matter what design you’re going for, what appliances you want to install, or the amount of storage space you want to generate, you can count on us to help you achieve your goals. Our plentiful design options will suit any Portsmouth homeowner’s needs – check out some of the necessary items we can install or replace for you!

  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation: A kitchen is only as useful as its amount of storage space, and Tri State Ktichens can ensure that your space takes advantage of this with kitchen cabinets – all while ensuring that you have enough space to get around!
  • Kitchen Island Installation: A kitchen island should be multipurpose, allowing you to prepare meals and eat! Our team installs sturdy, long-lasting, and beautiful kitchen island materials to help with this!

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Bathroom Design, Installation & Remodeling Services in Portsmouth, NH

Your bathroom should be as accessible as it is luxurious! If you’ve ever wanted to have a spa day without the commuting that comes with it, redesigning your bathroom can help elicit this feeling. Our bathroom remodeling team can install and replace a variety of appliances, flooring, and cabinets to help you get the absolute most out of your bathroom. Whether it’s a need for storage space, additional accessibility features, or just a more calming design, you can count on us to meet your expectations!

  • Bathroom Countertop Installation: Especially with the amount of water your bathroom countertops come into contact with, the materials need to be appropriately able to withstand them. Our bathroom countertops will last for years without wear and tear!
  • New Shower Installation: Forget spending serious money on shower repairs that only last a short period of time! We can install a brand-new shower to help your bathroom run at maximum efficiency.

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Redesign Your Kitchen Or Bathroom in Portsmouth Today

Tri State Kitchens has the tools you need to improve your kitchen and bathroom’s aesthetics, appearance, and property value. To get the best benefits all in one comprehensive package for your Portsmouth home, click here to contact us directly!