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Bathroom & Kitchen Design, Remodeling, & Installation in Tewksbury, MA

Have you ever felt like you wanted to get more out of your current home without the hassle of having to move? Interior remodeling services are a great way to achieve this goal, but where should you start? Many people would point to areas like their basement, living room, or master bedroom as ideal places to start. Did you know that none of these three are the top areas where homeowners spend most of their time? The true answers might surprise you: it’s your kitchen and bathroom! Tri State Kitchens can take any dull or outdated kitchen and bathroom in Tewksbury and infuse it with life, storage space, and amazing aesthetics! Keep reading to learn how we can transform these spaces for the better!

Kitchen Remodeling, Design, & Installation in Tewksbury, MA

If you’re stuck regarding ideas for your kitchen remodeling project in Tewksbury, take some time to assess the area when you next cook a meal. Do you have an easy time getting around the kitchen? Do you feel like your cabinets and drawers are crammed full of materials? What about the actual appearance of your kitchen – does it look dull or boring? If you find unfavorable answers to any of these questions, Tri State Kitchens can turn the negatives into positives! Check out some of the things we can do to enhance your kitchen in Tewksbury:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Installation: Adding new storage space doesn’t have to decrease the amount of room you have in your kitchen! Our team can get creative with cabinet placement to ensure that you get the best of both worlds.
  • Kitchen Island Installation & Replacement: If you don’t already have an island, now is the time to get one! Not only is it the centerpiece of the room, but it’s also multipurpose. You can both prepare your meals and eat them there!

Learn more about how we can revitalize your kitchen by clicking here!

Bathroom Remodeling, Design, & Installation in Tewksbury, MA

Your bathroom shouldn’t just feel like a relaxing space after a long day of work! Think about the guests that you’ll have over to your Tewksbury home. Without the right accessibility features, it won’t be as great of a space as it can be! Tri State Kitchens can enhance both the appearance and functionality of every bathroom on your property. Check out some of the ways we can get from point A to point B below!

  • Bathroom Countertop Installation & Replacement: Don’t worry about the wear and tear of water damage wreaking havoc on your countertops! Our team can provide the most aesthetically pleasing and sturdy replacement options to counteract this.
  • Bathroom Accessibility Features: Whether it’s a wall-mounted toilet, shower ail, or walk-in tub, we’ll ensure that anyone can use your bathroom to its fullest potential.

Click here for more details on how we can improve your bathroom in all facets!

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Tri State Kitchens can help you achieve even the most lofty of interior remodeling goals with your kitchen or bathroom in Tewksbury. If you have a dream, we can help you make it a reality! Simply click here to contact us directly and get started on your journey!