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2021 Kitchen Trends

As 2021 comes to an end, we wanted to look back at the most popular kitchen trends we saw in homes throughout the year. Though trends come and go, many can be timeless. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen in the near future, maybe one of these trends can spark some inspiration. Check out the 2021 kitchen trends we loved seeing this year and hope to see for years to come! 

Mismatched Island

One prevalent trend going around in homes this year was choosing a paint color for your island cabinets that is entirely different from the color of your cabinets. Typically, the trend was to keep your kitchen and island cabinets uniform, but it is now the opposite! People are using their kitchen islands as a pop of color in their kitchens. White kitchen cabinets on the walls and a pop of blue on the island counters! The most popular color choices in this trend were shades of blues and grays. 

Countertop Backsplashes

Though subway tile will always reign the superior backsplash choice, it is becoming increasingly popular to ditch tiles and rather to extend your countertop up the wall. Instead of contrast between countertops and backsplashes, it is now all one. It gives off a beautiful waterfall effect. This is definitely a luxurious trend! 

Statement Oven Hoods

We see this as a trend that comes and goes, but we absolutely love it! Statement oven hoods came back into style this year. Many homeowners are going for a vintage or classic look, but there are many styles to choose from. 

Porcelain Tile Flooring

This is another trend that we see go back and forth throughout the years. In recent years, hardwood flooring has been the number one choice for every single room in homes. Consistent hardwood flooring throughout your home, including the kitchen, was to be desired. This year, we saw much more porcelain or ceramic flooring being chosen for kitchens! This could either be a way to break up spaces in your home by using different flooring or because hardwood is easy to make a mess of in the kitchen. Either way, we love this trend!

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