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Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa

Unfortunately, the good majority of us are not able to go to the spa regularly. It is expensive, time-consuming, and not practical all of the time. But, what if there was a spa in your home? It sounds crazy, but it is possible! Check out tips and tricks from our design experts on how you can transform your regular bathroom into a peaceful spa retreat! 

Color Choice

When you enter a spa, you are welcomed with warm, soft colors. Typically, you see warm tans, grays, creams, browns, and sometimes greens to give off a very natural, peaceful vibe. Color choice is crucial when attempting to make your bathroom more spa-like. Vibrant colors tend not to soothe your mind. It is best to go with a very neutral, natural color theme to achieve a calming atmosphere. 


You should stay away from busy art and knickknacks in your spa space. Rather than use color and pattern to spruce up your space, try to add texture to your materials. Even something as small as using handmade tile rather than factory-made adds beautiful detail and texture but still allows for a simple, peaceful aesthetic. 


Spas welcome you with warm, dim lighting in every space. Bright, white lights tend to cause stress rather than alleviate it. By adding a dimmer to your lights, you are able to replicate this look. Make sure that you purchase warm light lightbulbs weather than white light LEDs. Recessed lighting wall sconces with dimmers are the best way to achieve spa-like lighting. 

Soaking Tubs

We all know that no spa is complete without a beautiful, warm bath. Unfortunately, when the tub is connected to your shower, it is never deep enough and does not have the same appeal. A stand-alone soaking tub is critical when you have enough space in your bathroom to achieve the spa vibe truly. Nothing screams spa more than relaxing in a hot bath! 

Luxurious Shower Head

If there is anywhere to spoil yourself in your home, it is in the shower. Treat yourself to your new spa with a stunning luxury showerhead! Rainfall showerheads have become increasingly popular as they have a large surface area and provide a lovely stream of water. The luxurious overhead showers also fall from the ceiling rather than the wall, giving off a spa vibe. If rainfall or overhead is not your thing, try finding a showerhead with multiple settings that are perfect for you. 

Contact Tri-State Kitchens

The best thing you can do to transform your bathroom into a spa is to contact the expert design and installation team at Tru-State Kitchens. We have over 30 years of experience in bathroom remodeling. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to learn more!