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5 Tips For Designing A New Kitchen

5 Tips for Designing a New Kitchen

Beginning the kitchen design process is no easy task, it can take time to determine the exact look that you are trying to achieve as well as creating the perfect environment for how you plan to use the kitchen. For some it may be more important to have a spacious and active living space, for a large family or if you are looking for a cozy & comfortable look, your kitchen can look drastically different when it comes to aesthetics, countertops, cabinets and so forth! Below are 5 helpful tips to help design your dream kitchen!

Traffic Flow

It is important to design a kitchen with functionality & accessibility in mind. If you have a large family or
active kitchen. it is wise to create extra space so that the kids can pass without coming dangerously close to the cooktop or stove! By creating a designated path of travel, you are reducing the risk of incident but also allowing your kitchen to remain accessible by all, even when there may be too many cooks in the kitchen!

Island Design

With space in mind, it is important to determine if you desire a kitchen island to be a part of the new design as it can provide an ample amount of space that would not be available otherwise. An island is great for food prep, extra storage, casual seating/dining & additional appliances.

Outlet Accessibility

With so many kitchen accessories and tools to utilize, it is probably a smart idea to install multiple outlets along the backsplash or on the island, so you’ll have electricity wherever you need it.

Lighting the Way

Depending on the design/layout of your kitchen, the lighting you choose can be drastically different based on angles and balance. It is important to think about ambiance, accents, decorative lighting, etc. to create a welcoming and well-lit kitchen.

Don’t Forget the Pantry!

If you were planning on adding a pantry to your new kitchen, and have the space after the initial design is drafted, it can be an excellent asset to have as a pantry creates more space and allows you to store all of your food in one central location. This can make finding things that much easier, which means less time searching and more time cooking! Out of the various benefits that a pantry may provide, the extra space is definitely something to consider.


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