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A close up of a kitchen with an L-shaped island

A Guide To The Shapes Of Kitchen Islands

If there’s one thing that you should know about kitchen remodeling, it’s that one size doesn’t fit all! Every homeowner is going to have different goals, desires, and preferences for what they want to get out of it. This includes the types of appliances installed, the amount of storage space, and even the shape of your kitchen island! Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, you’ll have a variety of different shapes to choose from. Below, we’ll give you a guide to the most popular kitchen island shapes!

U-Shaped Islands

U-shaped kitchen islands are easily the biggest of the kitchen island types. It should go without saying that these islands also provide some of the most functions! They don’t have to serve as just tables; you can add useful furniture and appliances like a sink, garbage disposal, retractable trash bin, and even new cabinets! They also provide a nice tabletop if you’re hosting a large social gathering.

Galley Islands

Galley islands are designed specifically with functionality in mind, as they have a bulky exterior and hollow interior. Many of the same items that U shaped islands can house can also be housed by galley islands, but to a much larger extent. They’re also a great way for maximizing your kitchen’s storage space! Galley islands work best in open concept kitchens, but it’s up to the user how they want to implement their desires.

L-Shaped Islands

If you’re looking for an island shape with storage space in mind over everything else, an L-shaped island is the way to go! L-shaped kitchen islands are compact, allowing for seating space along the inside and a variety of cabinets on the outside. The only real downside with these islands is that they can cut into your layout, but it won’t make a big difference if you have a larger space.

Rolling Kitchen Island

Let’s say that you don’t have a ton of kitchen space but still want the functionality that an island offers. This can be achieved with a smaller kitchen island – on wheels! Rolling kitchen islands can be moved around as needed while providing the space necessary to prepare and serve your meals. It’s great for recent graduates or those living within a small apartment complex!

Install A Kitchen Island With Tri State Kitchens

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