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An illustration meant to showcase kitchen remodeling blueprints come to life using a hose to represent the illustration being translated into reality

Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Remodeling A Kitchen

As easy as it is to associate kitchen remodeling with guaranteed success, there are plenty of pitfalls that stand in the way of accomplishing this goal! Just like there are many ways to enhance your kitchen’s appearance and performance, there are the same amount of avoidable mistakes that could make your kitchen worse. The best way to avoid outcomes like this is to understand the things to avoid before you ever consult a contractor. So, what mistakes can lead to disastrous results for your kitchen remodeling needs? We’ll break down the most significant errors below!

Poor Planning

You can’t just jump into a kitchen remodeling project blind! Failing to plan or poorly planning before the contractors arrive can lead to a series of negative consequences. Without knowing your budget, you could end up paying much more than you need to for a remodeling job! Planning for a kitchen remodel allows you to clearly outline what you want to accomplish for your kitchen, including your desired features. Kitchen remodeling contractors can step in and blend your dreams with what makes a kitchen functional and beautiful for a fantastic result. If you don’t give them a clear vision – or no vision at all – you likely will not be happy with the results you get!

Forgetting Your Storage

You don’t realize how many items go into your kitchen storage until you’ve moved into a new place and need to put everything away! One of the biggest reasons you may be considering a kitchen remodel is a lack of storage space. If this is something that you fail to plan for or don’t address prior to hiring a contractor, you’ll only be making your kitchen worse! Storage space is the most crucial aspect of a kitchen, affecting everything from how quickly you can prepare your meals to the functionality of other rooms around it. Plan for storage first, then mix in the design elements you want.

DIY Renovating

While it may sound tempting to bypass the costs of a kitchen remodeling contractor, it’s actually cheaper than doing it yourself! Trying DIY kitchen remodeling can lead to a less functional and more disastrous kitchen. It doesn’t just cause problems for your kitchen’s functionality. It can turn into a massive insurance issue and even devalue your home in the most extreme of circumstances! It may not seem like it at first, but hiring a pro is always the cheaper option!

Choose Tri State Kitchens For The Best Kitchen Remodeling Results

Tri State Kitchens will help your home avoid the mistakes made with kitchen remodeling! We’ll ensure that we always go into the job with a detailed plan, budget, and itemized list of what you want to accomplish. We’ll use our decades of experience to help enhance your kitchen’s appearance and functionality in ways you could only dream of! Contact us today to secure these results for your kitchen!

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