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Choosing A Countertop That Will Make A Statement!

Choosing A Countertop That Will Make A Statement!

When it comes time to update your kitchen, it is only fair to say that there are truly limitless choices when it comes to reinventing the heart of your home! Even if you may not have a complete redesign in mind countertops are an excellent way to give your room a modern feel without feeling like you have to go all-in on a full re-design.

Picking your Material of Choice

With a rise in aesthetically oriented countertops, there are a variety of colors, materials designs, styles, and shapes to choose from! Below we have compiled a list of the most common materials used for kitchen countertops, with a few pros and cons for each along with the installation process!


A granite countertop is an excellent choice if you are looking for a modern / elegant look in your home, it was once an expensive material to acquire but with advancements in engineering, granite has become more accessible to larger markets!
Pros: Strong & Durable, Adds Real Estate Value
Cons: Expensive, Not suitable for DIY


A soapstone countertop can normally be found in historic / older homes but is also utilized in modern homes as well. Soapstone is naturally dark, with a smooth texture.
Pros: Damage can be sanded out, gives home an antique / historic look
: Surface can scratch & dent, material may darken over time


Marble countertops are a true 1:1 design, as a naturally forming stone, no two cuts of marble will ever be alike! Marble is an excellent choice for elegance with a modern touch.
Pros: Water & Heat proof, Adds real estate value
Cons: Expensive, repairing marble is difficult


Quartz is an engineered material that consists of quartz particles with other minerals bound by resin. Quartz was created as an alternative to granite or marble
Pros: Requires no sealing, can be shaped to any size & design style of your choosing, resistant to stains, heat, acid
Cons: Heavy


Once you have a material, and design in mind, a fabricator will come to your home to draw up measurements on edges, spacing, locations of appliances and so forth, this is important to know if the job is on a preexisting kitchen. If you are having a kitchen fully remodeled it is important that the specs for the sink and other appliances are taken into consideration prior to installation. This important step reduces the chance of error and ensures that all measurements are accurate!


On the day of installation, a team of professional installed will arrive with precut slabs based on the previous measurements taken, from here the installation process depends on the specific material chosen, but the process is straightforward in the sense of installing your new countertops, and then making any last minute adjustments such as grinding down corners, and edges.


If you are looking to make a change in your kitchen, large or small, give the experts at Tri-State Kitchens a call, to help plan out your dream kitchen. Our large & diverse team allows us to work on projects of all sizes. We pride ourselves in meeting challenges of the ever-changing detail that drives today’s kitchen business, contact us directly on our site for a free quote or call today 603.595.4339!

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