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open floor plan kitchen

Creating an Open Floor Plan for Your Kitchen

Open floor plans are an interior design craze that has been going on for years and is not going anywhere! Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and by opening it up, you are able to have sights of the rest of your house. Open floor plan kitchens are ideal for family life and entertaining. It allows everyone to be together without having to necessarily be crammed in one single room because the whole space is open! You get more natural light, more open space, and better flow when you open up your kitchen. We have some tips from the experts at Tri-State Kitchens for creating your ideal open floor plan kitchen.

Current Layout

Though a major part of creating an open floor plan is tearing down walls, it is not the only thing that will be going on during construction. Behind those walls are electrical, HVAC, and possible load bearings. After those factors are considered with your contractor, walls can start to come down and a new layout can be created. 

New Floor Plan

Now that the walls are down, you can decide which rooms will go where around your kitchen, completely customized to the needs of you and your family. Whether you would like your dining room next to your kitchen or your playroom to watch kids while you are cooking, your new open kitchen allows you to design the space based on your needs. Other things to consider are:

  • Outlet accessibility
  • Lighting- natural and light fixtures
  • Cabinet size
  • Storage

Design Elements

Now that you have transformed your kitchen into an open floor plan, it is time to consider design; the fun part! With a new open space, there are a lot of possibilities you may not have had before. You can add the island you have always dreamed of! Maybe a breakfast nook that doubles as a homework space. The possibilities are endless. 

Tri-State Kitchens

When remodeling your kitchen to transform it into an open layout design, it is imperative that you work with a team of experts, like our team at Tri-State Kitchens! Open floor plan kitchen remodels are one of our specialties, and we would love to work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams! Contact us directly on our website for a free quote or call today at 603.595.4339!