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Designing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

There are so many things to consider when designing a bathroom for kids. From decor to proper safety measures, there is a lot of thought to put in. Even though safety and convenience for children is a top priority, it does not mean you have to lack in style! Here are a few tips from our experts about how to design the perfect kid-friendly bathroom.

Consider Height

Because your kids are going to grow eventually, installing a standard height vanity is going to be the best idea. However, they will not be able to reach in the meantime to brush their teeth or see in the mirror. Vanities these days have really transformed, some coming with the option of a built-in step stool! Having a built-in step stool in your bathroom vanity will eliminate the need to have a step stool that will take up space in the bathroom when you are not using it. 

The same goes for your toilet choice. Though it is not proportional to your kids at the moment, it will cost a lot less to have them grow into it than to have to change out your toilet once they do. 

Color-Coded Faucets

Odds are, kids are just starting to use the sink by themselves. They will not remember which faucet has cold or hot water. Instead of waiting for them to guess, it is best to install hot and cold, color-coded indicators for your kids. Teach them red means hot and blue means cold, and they will be good to go with using the sink.

Optimize Storage

With bath time being filled with toys and items your kids like to take with them to the bathroom, tons of storage is a must in kids’ bathrooms. Make sure there is enough space to store everything conveniently. Also, make sure that anything that your child should not have access to is locked away or stored where they cannot reach, like the medicine cabinet. 

Have Fun!

There is so much creativity that can be put into kids’ bathrooms. You can choose to have a full-on kid’s wonderland design with characters on the wall and bright colors or opt for something they will grow into, like a subtle, kid-friendly nautical theme. No matter what aesthetic you choose for your kids’ bathroom, they will love it because it’s for them!

Tri-State Kitchens

If you are planning a kid-friendly bathroom remodel, Tri-State Kitchens is the place to go. We are experts in bathroom design and remodeling. For any questions regarding kid-friendly bathrooms or to set up a consultation with our team of professionals, give us a call today at 603.595.4339