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A pair of open kitchen cabinets along the lower end of a kitchen. You can see several spices and cooking supplies peeking out of the open drawers.

How To Increase Kitchen Storage With Cabinets

Most think of islands, stainless steel appliances, and even walk-in pantries for kitchen appeal. There is nothing more satisfying than a well-kept kitchen that fits all your needs and wants. There is much more to a kitchen than the latest and greatest fridge. For example, cabinets take up around 30% of the average kitchen budget. Many styles will set the room and will help with organization. Here are tips on how your cabinets can increase your kitchen storage.  

Magnify Storage

Base cabinets may vary in width and height. The problem is that you are still limited by how high your countertops run. With wall cabinets, you have the option to utilize the height of your ceiling. These wall cabinets can be great for storing non-frequent used bulk items such as paper towels. Allowing you to organize your items according to how you operate in your kitchen.  

Stock vs. Custom

Base stock cabinets are great as they come pre-built and do not require any labor to assemble. They will offer a decent size for storage, but it can be limited to your needs. Custom cabinets provide more variation to dimensions to give your kitchen that finished look. Gives you less risk of wasting space and storage in your kitchen as long as you’re willing to pay a little extra. 

Organize From the Inside Out    

While planning out how you will operate around your kitchen it is important to plan from the inside out. Draws, for example, are easy to access and are great for storing utensils near your stove to get to quickly. When it comes to your cabinets, choosing your style or design will affect how accessible your kitchen will be. Your cabinets will give you the extra height that a draw will not provide you to stack items.

Features and Versatility  

Inside your cabinets, there is room to add features to optimize tidiness and accessibility. Inserts are great for storing knives and tools. Narrow pull-out pantry shelves can hold those extra trays and cookie sheets. Even a spring-loaded shelf that can spring up and present an assortment of mixing bowls for you. Lazy Susans are often a go-to for those corner cabinets that do not seem to hold a lot. There are plenty of creative options to optimize the look and needs of your kitchen. 

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