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Smaller sized kitchen remodel

How to Make Small Kitchens Appear Larger

Having a smaller space for your kitchen does not mean it needs to feel cramped. There are an extensive amount of design hacks you can use in your kitchen to make the space feel way bigger than it actually is! Not only will your kitchen appear to have more space, but you will also feel way more comfortable and relaxed while making your meals.

Follow along as the expert design team at Tri-State Kitchens share advice on how you can 

make your kitchen feel way larger than it is!


Paint is a minor, inexpensive way to dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen. Dark colors make close up your space, whereas whites and bright colors reflect light, making spaces appear larger to the eye. Whether switching out a dark wall or cabinet color, it drastically changes the look of your kitchen.  

Use Reflective Surfaces/ Materials

When choosing a backsplash tile or countertop material, glossy finishes will help reflect light, causing your kitchen to seem much brighter and larger. Opt for a shiny tile backsplash rather than matte or glossy finished cabinets! 

Consider Your Space Wisely

With a smaller amount of kitchen space, it is crucial that you use every inch of what you have to your advantage. You can get creative with cabinet storage in order to rid of any clutter on your countertops. For example, if you are able to install cabinets that go right up to your ceiling, that is a great use of space in order to gain storage. 

For professional layout help in your smaller-sized kitchen, it is never a bad idea to get assistance from professionals like the team at Tri-State Kitchens!

Glass Door Cabinets

Replacing your solid cabinet doors for transparent glass ones tricks your eyes into thinking there is more space than there is. It is another way to add beautiful light and reflection into the space. 

Low-Contrast Color Scheme

Once the color starts to get busy in your kitchen, you begin to lose openness and airiness. Be sure that you stick to a low-contrast, more neutral color scheme in your small space to keep the large feel. 

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