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how to make your bathroom appear larger

How to Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Bathroom renovation is one of the most desired types of home upgrades, and if you have a bathroom on the smaller side, there’s always the dream of making it bigger. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to expand the space. On the plus side, there are several visual tricks that you can try to add some much-needed space. Keep reading for a few tips on how to make your bathroom appear larger.

Use Lots of White

White is a reflective color – it bounces back all the light that touches it. Going with a white-on-white scheme will add more light and make the room feel much larger and more open. Lean into the white fixtures that you probably have – the tub/shower, the sink, and the toilet – and add more white where you can. A fresh coat of white paint will enhance the freshness of the space. If it’s feasible, go for a clean white tile. If you are worried that it might look too sterile, you can also opt for warmer whites like eggshell and ivory. To prevent the bathroom from feeling too boring, add touches of texture with natural wood shelving, light-colored stone flooring, or live plants.

Float Your Accessories

In really small bathrooms, too much space is taken up with standard fixtures like the toilet and shower. To save space and make the room appear larger opt for functional items that hang instead of taking up wall and floor space. A floating vanity, for example, is a small change that will add depth to your washroom. Instead of resting on the floor, the sink and cupboard hang on the wall, creating more usable foot space. Likewise, floating shelves provide versatile, put-it-anywhere storage for toiletries or knick-knacks without taking up an entire wall of the bathroom.

Get a Large Mirror

Placed correctly, a mirror can do wonders to trick the eye into seeing the room as bigger than it is. To maximize this effect, choose the largest mirror that you can reasonably use. Though they are costly, a wall-to-wall custom mirror will offer you the best effect, but a large framed mirror will work as well. 

Ditch the Curtain

A standard show curtain creates an artificial wall within the bathroom, which is exactly what you want to avoid if you have a small bathroom. It cuts off a large visual chunk of the room, making it appear even smaller. To avoid this, opt for a glass panel instead of a regular shower curtain. Not only will the bathroom appear larger, but you’ll also feel less cramped in a darkened shower area surrounded by a curtain. If privacy is a concern, frosted glass will still allow enough light to pass through that you’ll keep that airy open appearance.

Contact the Bathroom Remodeling Experts

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