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A woman assembles a pizza on her kitchen island. You can see a variety of toppings and pizza dough scattered across the table.

The Best Kitchen Design Trends of 2024

In many aspects of life, it’s only natural to try to follow the trends! This is especially the case if the subject in question is a visual aspect. When it comes to a home’s interior design, this trait is no different. If you’ve ever wanted to redesign your kitchen but needed better blueprints to follow, now would be a good time to do so! The year 2023 was full of fantastic kitchen design trends, and we believe that many of these trends will withstand the test of time and maintain their relevance throughout 2024. We go over some of the most noteworthy kitchen design trends below!

Ecocentric Kitchens

The urge to protect our environment from the man-made threats it faces has never been higher. Homeowners across the country are experimenting with different ways to be eco-friendly in this new age, and that has led to kitchen designs that are much more environmentally conscious. Using sustainably sourced materials to sculpt fantastic interior layouts, ecocentric kitchen designs keep the best interests of the world’s ecosystem at heart while allowing you to work your interior design magic to revitalize your space.

Multi-purpose Kitchen Islands

If there’s one thing that we’ve tried to hammer home on our website, it’s that a kitchen island is the focal point of your kitchen! It’s the place where you can both prepare and serve your most luxurious dishes. As we get into 2024, the purposes and functionality of a kitchen island have only grown! New kitchen islands come with amenities such as charging stations, workspaces that retract, and adjustable heights. If you thought a kitchen island was a necessary item before, a multipurpose one will only increase its value!

The Luxury Of Vanilla

There’s something about the aesthetic of vanilla-inspired hues and colors that really elicits the feelings of peace and relaxation. This statement became even truer in 2023, as vanilla-hued kitchen designs rapidly rose in popularity! Using warmer colors like beige and light gray help to keep your kitchen looking simple and invigorating. The best part about this kitchen design trend is its interchangeability – because the fact that many of your design elements are simple, they can be easily remodeled should you change your mind down the road!

Kitchen Remodeling With The Trends at Tri State Kitchens

Are you trying to keep your kitchen design up-to-date with the latest trends? Tri State Kitchens is here to help! We’re always posted on the latest trends to help your kitchen catch up with the times. We’ll ensure that it’s functionality is just as pristine as its aesthetics, increasing your property value and ease of access as a result. Contact Tri State Kitchens today to give your kitchen a much-needed upgrade!