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An assortment of kitchen appliances rests on a kitchen countertop

What Adds The Most Value To A Kitchen Remodel?

A kitchen remodeling job doesn’t just make the space a more inviting one to be in! One of the biggest benefits that this type of renovation brings has to do with your home’s value. Property value is a crucial trait for your home – especially if you’re considering putting your home on the market! In order to make sure you get the most bang for your buck when you sell, you’ll need to prioritize the items that add the most value in a kitchen remodel. So, what parts of a kitchen remodel help your property value the most? We will give you some ideas below!

Installing A Kitchen Island

Installing a kitchen island is one of the biggest sources of property value in a kitchen remodeling job. This feature serves as the focal point of your kitchen, creating a beautiful centerpiece where you can assemble your culinary creations. It also helps you maximize your storage space – kitchen islands can be fitted with cabinets along the sides to help you store your materials. A kitchen island can make your kitchen feel bigger than it is while adding a ton of value to the space.

Upgraded Appliances

When was the last time you bought kitchen appliances? Have you lived in your home for a long time? If your answer to the latter question is yes, there’s a good chance that your appliances are outdated. This means you won’t be getting as much value out of your kitchen as possible, and the quality of your meals will likely suffer as a result. Upgrading your appliances can provide benefits for years to come, as they make it easier to assemble, store and serve your meals. The easier it is to do this, the more worth your kitchen has.

Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets

Storage space is arguably the most important element of your kitchen, and a few things can compromise this value. Having old, not working, or dated-looking cabinets creates less incentive to store your items there. It also sharply increases the time it takes to prepare your meals – something that not even the most experienced cooks desire! Upgrading your kitchen cabinets with new paint and hardware increases their functionality – and your home’s desirability as a result!

Kitchen Remodeling with Tri State Kitchens

Do you know what the three upgrades listed above have in common? Tri State Kitchens can provide you with all of them! We’ve spent years helping New Hampshire and Massachusetts homeowners redesign their kitchens to their heart’s content. Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, boost your home’s property value, or just want to make your kitchen more inviting, we can connect you with the best materials for the job. Contact us today to increase your home’s value with a kitchen remodel!

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