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What Is The Kitchen Remodeling Process?

Remodeling a kitchen, or any remodeling project in general can come with its fair share of headaches, stressors, and hassles if you don’t know where to start! If you are working with an experienced kitchen remodeling team, the process should be straightforward, quick, and stress free!

Pictures & Dimensions

Having pictures of your existing kitchen along with rough dimensions of the existing kitchen will give a designer a better idea of the space available to work with. These two elements help when it comes to the project scope and visual details.

Dimensions should include but are not limited to the following:

  • Kitchen Size
  • Wall Length
  • Window Size (Casing to Casing)
  • Ceiling Height

What Is The Budget?

This question can be a tough one to answer if you are not familiar with the costs associated with a kitchen remodel. It helps to have a budget in mind so the team can design around your budget. Don’t know your budget? Talk to your contractor about your wish list and they can help determine the budget.


Are your appliances staying or are they going? If you are planning on replacing all your appliances or planning on keeping the dishwasher, make a list! By providing the kitchen remodeling team with a list of appliances that you plan to keep or purchase, this will help simplify the design & ordering process!

Wish list!

Have you always dreamt of having a double door fridge in your kitchen, or maybe an industrial grade stove? Whether your dream kitchen needs are big or small, provide the design team with a list of items you’d like to see incorporated into your new space. Some examples of special requests would be glass cabinet doors, roll out shelves, a kitchen island, and so much more!

Special Considerations

Special considerations can include anything such as handicap requirements, aging in place designs, mobility needs such as specific height requirements. This information is important for designers as any specifications will directly affect the layout of your kitchen!

What Kind Of Project Is It?

Is this project simply a quick remodel to sell a home, is it your first fixer upper, or is it your forever home? This information can help to determine the optimal style for the home, based on aesthetic, function & design.


If you are looking to make a change, whether large or small, give the experts at Tri-State a call, to help plan out your dream kitchen or bathroom. Our incredible team allows us to work on projects of all shapes and sizes.

We pride ourselves in meeting challenges of the ever-changing detail that drives today’s remodeling business, contact us directly on our site for a Free Quote or call today at 603.595.4339