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What Are The Top Trends For Kitchen Design In 2020?

When it comes to home & kitchen remodeling, there are always continuous changes in general design practices and improvements regarding innovation, traffic flow, and aesthetics. If you are planning a kitchen remodel soon, it can help to look at some common kitchen styles of past years, as well as reviewing some of the more popular designs that are to come!  For more insight on some of the top trends for kitchen designs in 2020, read on!

Smart Kitchen Technology

Technology has become synonymous with almost every aspect of life. Which is why it should not come as a surprise that Smart kitchens and appliances fall on the list of upcoming kitchen design trends of 2020. While it has seen increased popularity in recent years, it has become more accessible to all with streamlined designs, and more options to choose from! With advancements in integration it is now possible to connect your kitchen to your home. This includes everything from your sink, fridge, lights, and more!

Open Concepts

Open concept kitchens have grown in popularity in recent years due to the various benefits that it can provide. While the base of an open concept kitchen revolves around open space, some other common themes of an open kitchen include natural light and may also feature an island as a centerpiece to serve as a central space in your home.

Storage, Functionality, and Utility

Storage has become an incredibly important aspect when it comes to having a functional kitchen. Now more than ever homeowners realize the need for not only meeting their storage needs but doing so in a utilitarian way.  Often many homeowners make the design error of either underestimating or overestimating their need for space. To combat this issue, many designers can cater to a homeowner’s specific space needs and requests. This can include a creating a pullout cutting board, magnetic cutlery, spice racks, storage for drinks, nonperishable and much more. If you have a specific design request in mind, consult with an expert to see if A) it is feasible & B) if it is something that will match the overall design goals for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project in 2020!


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