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A top down view of home fries within an air fryer

How To Cook Without A Kitchen

Giving your home’s kitchen a remodeling job can yield impressive results. It can turn a once dull looking space into a masterpiece that you’ll be delighted to cook in! There is a big disadvantage that comes with having a remodel done, however. You won’t be able to use your kitchen during it! You’ll still need to make meals for yourself while this remodel is going on, so how can you keep up the routine? We’ll show you our best tips for how to cook without a kitchen below!

Invest In An Air Fryer

Many of your best meals will be made using an oven, but a kitchen remodel cuts off your access to this important feature. There are a few backup options that you can use during the installation, however, and one such idea is to invest in an air fryer! Air fryers can cook your meals in a similar amount of time, and the quality is remarkably like what you’d get from a regular stove. The only downside to these appliances is that you may not be able to make larger portions, but it’s a great alternative to have during a remodeling job!

Set Aside Your Tools Beforehand

Just because you’ve been cut off from access to your kitchen doesn’t mean that you’ll be barred from using the tools you store there! Before the remodeling job ever begins, take some time to go through your kitchen. Take out any of the tools that you’ll think are necessary for your time away from the kitchen. This includes things like silverware, cookbooks, and larger cooking utensils. Once you have everything you need, you won’t have to worry about venturing into your kitchen during the remodeling process!

Stock On Easy Meals

Despite what you take with you and what appliances you invest in beforehand, there are some meals that you just can’t make without the proper kitchen essentials. For this reason, you should stock up on a lot of meals that are ready to eat! Things like cereal, canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter and cheese are all items that you won’t need to do much to. The more easy meals that you have before the remodeling process starts, the easier it will be to keep yourself fed!

Kitchen Remodeling With Tri State Kitchens

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