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A close up image of a wine cooler with several bottles of wine inside.

More Kitchen Remodeling Must-Haves

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means that there are endless possibilities at your disposal! If you’re feeling like your kitchen is either out of style or a space that could use a little love, a good new years resolution to have is to make efforts to remodel it. This task is much easier said than done! We’ve given you some advice on some must-haves you can incorporate into your kitchen remodeling ventures before, but there’s plenty more to pick from than what we’ve already mentioned. We give you more fantastic kitchen remodeling recommendations below!

Narrow Pull-Out Drawers

Regardless of how you want to design your kitchen, maximizing the amount of storage space you have in it is a must. After all, you don’t want to finish the remodeling job only to find out you don’t have any space left! Narrow pull out drawers allow you to create a large amount of space in a small opening.

Enclosed Trash Cans

One thing that will take away from the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen is the trash. You don’t want something so ugly distracting from the beautiful elements that your kitchen offers! Get rid of the bad smells and messy look by enclosing your trash and recycling in a hidden compartment.

Wine Cooler

Anyone that has experimented with Italian cooking knows the benefit of adding wine to a recipe. It can also serve as a nice refreshment to go along with your meal! A wine cooler can help keep your wines at a suitable temperature without taking up refrigerator space.

Glass Cabinet Doors

If you’re looking to add some sophistication to your space, some well-placed glass products can do the trick nicely! Not only are they visually appealing, but they can be filled with tons of beautiful kitchenware and essentials. Organization is something that you’ll have to do on your own, but if you can do it right, it will only benefit your space!

Artistic Light Fixtures

Think about the aesthetic that you want your kitchen to have. If there’s a specific theme that you are pursuing, there’s a good chance that there are light fixtures that can add to it! They can also help to illuminate your kitchen and bring the best out of the bright colors on the walls and cabinets.

Kitchen Design, Remodeling and Installation With Tri-State Kitchens

If you’re ready to turn your dull kitchen into a work of art you can be proud of, contact Tri State Kitchens! We can provide kitchen design, remodeling and installation services across Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and we’ve used our expertise to connect homeowners with the kitchen designs of their dreams. If you’re willing to do the same for your home, click here to contact us directly!

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