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A closeup of an interior kitchen with white brick and light gray countertops

The Best Kitchen Trends of 2022

The year 2022 is slowly approaching its end! As there are trends with many other cultural elements from year to year, the same is true with kitchen design choices. The kitchen should be an inviting place within your home, and you can accomplish this by adding the right interior design work. If you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen soon, knowing what’s popular will help you form the blueprints for your remodel! If you need ideas for remodeling your kitchen, check out the top kitchen trends of 2022 for some fantastic ideas!

Enclosed, Yet Open, Spaces

That headline may be confusing to understand at first, but allow us to explain: many modern-day kitchens are located in enclosed spaces, but once you get within those spaces, it becomes a lot more open-ended! These kitchens have open floor plans with cabinets along the island to maximize space. The less cluttered you feel in your kitchen, the easier it will be to create dazzling meals! It also helps to compartmentalize your storage space, so it’s not a huge eyesore. A neat kitchen is an attractive kitchen!

Natural Vibes

Bringing nature into your kitchen can mean one of two things: bringing in actual elements of nature or designing your kitchen in such a way that it elicits the feeling of being in nature. This can be accomplished by adding elements like walnut and brass to your cabinets and tabletops. The feeling of nature will help to bring a sense of calm to your kitchen, turning it into a safe haven for your culinary creations. If you really want to get adventurous, buy a few decorative plants for your space! Combining these with more natural kitchen materials will make your kitchen feel like a slice of the outdoors.

An Emphasis on Warmth

Bringing warmth to any interior design space will help to make your house feel much more like a home. So, why not accomplish the same thing with your kitchen? Adding elements such as warm, spring-like colors and materials with similar color patterns will bring this peace right to your kitchen. Frosted glass tabletops, warmer wood colors, and spaces to hang or display artwork can help make your kitchen feel like a warm and inviting space even on the coldest of winter days.

Redesign Your Kitchen With Tri-State Kitchens

Do any of the styles we’ve presented sound appealing to you? Our team can transform any drab or dull-looking kitchen into a complete work of art that anyone can enjoy. We’re always up-to-date on the latest trends to help your kitchen stay with the times! If you need kitchen or bathroom remodeling services, click here to contact us directly!

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