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A drawing of a bathroom renovation.

Must-Haves For Your Bathroom Remodeling Wishlist

When it comes to interior design, there isn’t a room in your home that doesn’t have importance! Every room should feel like an extension of yourself, making your home truly feel like your own. This includes the bathrooms around it. When brainstorming ideas for remodeling your bathroom, it’s always a good practice to take a look at what’s trendy and popular in interior design. There are some potential features to add that your bathroom can’t do without; we go over the most significant ones below!

Hidden Medicine Cabinets

If you don’t have a true place to store all the medications you need to take, the bathroom can be a fantastic place to store them! We understand that the medications you take should be kept private from guests, and that reflects in the latest industry trends surrounding bathroom cabinets. Some rooms choose to hide their cabinets behind mirrors for a stealthy yet stylistic look. Getting this feature added will do wonders for preventing countertops filled with clutter and promote organization within the room.

Jetted Tubs

There are plenty of great ways to relax after a tiring day. Going to a spa is just one of these luxuries; especially considering the presence of hot tubs that are designed to relax your muscles. By adding a jetted tub to your remodeled bathroom, you can get the same spa-like experience without ever needing to leave your home! It’s a great way to chill out after a tiring day and can even be beneficial for those with arthritis. A jetted tub is useful in more ways than one!

Shower Bench and Handheld Shower

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like standing up in the shower. If you’ve suffered a leg injury, that probably happens more often than not! Adding a shower bench and handheld rails will do wonders for improving your bathroom’s accessibility. A handheld shower makes it much easier to clean the shower than one that’s just built in. Not only do these features look great, but they make your day-to-day tasks significantly easier to accomplish.

Bathroom Remodeling With Tri State Kitchens

Kitchens aren’t the only room we can remodel in your home! We have extensive experience upgrading bathrooms in New England homes to make them appear as elegant and stylish as the rest of the home. We’re always up-to-date with the latest in industry trends, and we’ll be able to provide you with the tools you need for a completely personalized bathroom remodel. To transform your bathroom beyond your expectations, click here to contact us directly!

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