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granite countertop

The Benefits of a Granite Countertop

If you’ve been thinking of making a change in your kitchen, whether it is a big or small change, a great way to improve your existing kitchen is to upgrade your countertops! While this upgrade may seem small compared to a complete kitchen remodel, it can be effective in terms of giving your kitchen a whole new feel, with extraordinarily little effort! This blog will explore the benefits of what a granite countertop can do for your home, in terms of aesthetics and durability!


Curious about some benefits that come with granite countertops? Here are a few!

Easy to Fix

Accidents happen! You might be wondering what to do if your granite countertop does scratch or chip. When it comes to granite, even the ugliest chip or scratch can be repaired! With advancements in technology, installers can use a putty that can be dyed to match the exact color of your countertop, once the putty is applied it will be used to reseal the stone to protect it from spills.

Resistant to Bacteria and Dirt

Granite countertops are naturally porous, but with our Granite Shield product line, we can seal and protect your granite countertops which will greatly increase their longevity. This means that no materials or liquid can soak into it, which effectively makes your countertops easier to maintain! With this added benefit, your kitchen is far less likely to accumulate large amounts of dirt, bacteria, or any other type of grime or slime that can be found in a kitchen setting. The smoothness of granite also allows for a quick and easy cleanup!

Low Maintenance

Granite countertops are low maintenance countertop surface. Based on the information above, the likelihood repairs or a need to redo the surface is incredibly low. With repairs the current technology can help to keep your countertops thriving for years to come. The easy access to these materials has made it so that consumers to make repairs themselves or reach out to an installer to touch up a chip, scratch, or dent!

Granite countertops: Overview

Granite countertops have become an increasingly popular material used in kitchens mainly because it is far more durable than other materials that may be used as surfaces. Granite is tougher than most common countertop options like Formica, making it an ideal choice that not only looks good but will last your years to come. Granite is a great material when it comes to wear and tear, due to the resilience of the material, you do not have to worry about scratches or blunt damage.


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