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A close up of a walk-in shower inside of a white-colored bathroom

Upgrade Your Bathroom With These New Features

What comes to mind when you think of the most important areas of your home for interior design? You’ll likely think of areas like your master bedroom, basement, and kitchen. Would you consider your bathroom to be one of these areas? If you hadn’t before, it might be time to start giving it some thought! Upgrading your bathroom can increase your property value and make it more accessible to you and your guests. A few new features can help to get your bathroom over the hump. We go over the most influential upgrades to your bathroom below!

Walk-In Shower

A majority of bathrooms that you’ll find will usually have a combination of a shower and a tub. However, do you want your bathroom to be like most bathrooms? The biggest thing you can do for your space is to fill it with things that make it stand out. A walk-in shower is one of the best upgrades you can give your bathroom. It projects an image of high status and wealth while helping to increase your property value. For added results, you can even turn the area into a steam shower with a seated area! While the steam shower has a big price tag, it will be well worth your investment.

Radiant-Heat Flooring

The New England area can get freezing during the winter months, and this feeling will be accelerated if your bathroom floor is made of cold materials. There is a way around this, however, and it can increase your home’s value as a result! Radiant-heat flooring can be installed underneath your bathroom floor and help to heat your feet when you step into the bathroom. Not only will it make your space more inviting during the colder seasons, but it can make your home more attractive if you eventually put it on the market!

Jacuzzi Tub

A jacuzzi tub can be especially beneficial in your master bathroom. It gives the area a spa-like feel and gives you a nice place to relax after a stressful day at work. Water jets can give off the feeling of a massage, and the warm water will help to flush all of your cares away. This upgrade works especially well if you have a walk-in shower to go along with it, as both of these upgrades can make your bathroom a place of relaxation.

Bathroom Remodeling With Tri-State Kitchens

If you’re looking to give your bathroom – and home – a massive upgrade, go with the trusted professionals at Tri-State Kitchens! We’ve helped many Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners turn their bathrooms from dull spaces into relaxing oasis that boosts your property value and your mood. If you’re passionate about interior design, contact us today to instill your bathroom with the same passion!

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